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MTANK Wooden Adjustable Sofa Side Table

MTANK Wooden Adjustable Sofa Side Table

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  • Height adjustment: Mention the range of heights the table can be adjusted to (e.g., from coffee table height to laptop workstation height).
  • Tilting top: Specify the angle range the table top can tilt for optimal viewing.
  • Storage compartment (optional): Describe the size and accessibility of the compartment for storing magazines, remotes, or other items.
  • Cup holder (optional): Indicate the size and design of the cup holder, and if it can accommodate different cup sizes.
  • Surface material: Highlight the material of the table top (e.g., wood, glass, metal) and its properties (e.g., easy to clean, heat resistant).
  • Base material: Mention the material of the table base for sturdiness and style.
  • Easy assembly: Indicate if the table requires minimal assembly with clear instructions.
  • Weight capacity: Specify the maximum weight the table can hold comfortably.
  • Non-slip base: Highlight the inclusion of non-slip pads or grips to prevent the table from sliding on your floor.
  • Modern design: Emphasize the table's sleek and modern aesthetic (e.g., clean lines, minimalist style) that complements various living room decors.
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  • Easy Clean
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