Tracking Your Order

Some Shipping Terms Explained For You!

  • Order Ready: When your order is "Order Ready," it means everything you bought has been packed up and is ready to be sent out. It's like when you pack your suitcase before a trip, but in this case, your order is all set to start its journey to your home.
  • In Transit: Think of "In Transit" like your order is on a big journey. It's left the store or warehouse, and it's on its way to your home, kind of like a long road trip. It's in the process of being delivered.
  • Out for Delivery: When your order is "Out for Delivery," it's like saying it's very close to your house. It's loaded in a delivery truck, and the delivery person is on their way to bring it to your door. It's like knowing your pizza is on the way!
  • Delivered: "Delivered" is the exciting part! It means your order has reached your house. It's like your package has safely arrived at its destination, and you can open it up and enjoy what you ordered. It's like unwrapping a birthday present, but you know exactly what's inside!